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Outdoor Cat Climbers

Cedar Cat Perches, Ramp and Stairs

The Outdoor Cat Climbers family includes two styles of 44" Ramps, 2 Wall Perch sizes, and 4, 5, 6 step Wall Stair / Ladder. The wall models are designed to be used on outside walls or an exterior enclosure. Use each by itself or combine them in different configurations for a fun climbing experience.
Wall Mounted Perches
Steps and Ramps Outdoor Cat Climbers
Grouped together Outdoor Cat Climbers
Regular Perch,
Stairs, Large Perch
Both Perches Outdoor Cat Shelves
11" deep
and 16 1/2" deep
both 18" wide
Large Perch Cedar Outdoor Cat Shelves
16 1/2" deep
18" wide
Small Perch Outdoor Cat Perch
11 " deep
18" wide
Small Perch
outside a windowOutdoor Cat Perch
11 " deep
18" wide
Wall Mounted
Cat Ramp Outdoor Cedar Cat Ramp
44" long
5 1/2" wide
Wall Mounted Ramp Outdoor Cedar Cat Ramp
Mount wall ramp to
any angle left or right Outdoor Cedar Cat Ramp
Stairs / Ladder Outdoor Cat Ladder
5 step ladder
Avaiable as a
4, 5 or 6 Step Outdoor Cat Stairs
Right Stairs
Outdoor Cat Stairs
Can be left or right
Standard Cat Ramp Outdoor Cat Ladder Use between
two surfaces
Standard Cat Ramp Outdoor Cat Stairs
Standard Cat Ramp
Outdoor Cat Stairs

All are made with weather and bug resistant cedar, which is sanded to a smooth surface. Shipped unfinished, it will weather to a light gray patina or the customer can seal, paint or stain.

- Perches are very roomy, they are a large 18" wide, and 11" or 16 1/2" deep. Use them outside a window or as a fun perch to climb up to and lounge.
- The Ramps are 5 1/2" wide and 44" long. The wall can be set to any angle that is best for the pet's abilities. The standard ramp can be scured to two different surfaces. The raised wood tread strips help with traction.
- Stairs / Ladder is for climbing with each step 6" wide and 6" high, and set at a 45 degree pitch. The can be mounted to go up to the left or right.

Wood screws are provided for mounting to typical wood walls. A Philips head screw driver, preferably powered, is needed. The customer will need to determine of these screws will be the work on their wall or if the condition or surface type like stucco and cement needs another fastener style or size.

Perch: 18 wide, 11" deep 4 1/2" high.
Extra Deep Perch: 18 wide, 16 1/2" deep 4 1/2" high.
Ramps: 44" long, 5 1/2" wide, 4 1/2" high
Stairs / Ladder: Steps 6" rise, 6" wide, overall 7 3/4" wide with sides
6 Step Mounted: 31" going up vertically, 35 1/2" going to the side horizontally
5 Step Mounted: 25" going up vertically, 29 1/2" going to the side horizontally
4 Step Mounted: 19" going up vertically, 23 1/2" going to the side horizontally

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